Even the Muv-Luv series has been born on visual books and has been printed on a limited amount of platforms up to now, but things could change in the future.

DualShockers had a conversation with the series’ founder Koki Yoshimune in ixtl’s headquarter in Akihabara, Tokyo, and he also clarified that he would love to find the series expand into new horizons down on the road.

Yoshimune-san said that he’d like to attempt to utilize new technologies since the staff did using Muv-Luv VR.   There is lots of new technology  that’s been developed lately, and it could be good to use it to demonstrate that the Muv-Luv world in a fresh way and to a larger audience.

Of course, that motivated me to inquire whether we may ever find a mecha combat action game set from the Muv-Luv world, as the franchise would be ideal for that. Yoshimune-san mentioned that he feels the exact same way, also it would be easy to imagine a first-person-shooter or third-person-shooter where the player is a pilot in the cockpit of an Tactical Surface Fighter (the series’ mecha). He is looking forward to creating something special when using newer technologies when the timing is right, and when that occurs, he would like the fans to support his aims.

Yoshimune-san also said that he’s always searching for ways to enlarge the reach of the series to other platforms.

Both games have   been re-released on Steam, also  they will start on PS Vita this summertime. You may also check out Yoshimune-san’s comments on the possibility of having international founders give birth to Muv-Luv stories set in their own countries.

Obviously, it is possible to look forward to the entire interview, that will be printed shortly here on DualShockers.

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