While Nintendo’s first-party titles on Nintendo Switch are actually strong over the last year, there’s no denying the fact the indie games also have been a critical portion of the console/handheld hybrid’s library. To be able to emphasize these smaller names, Nintendo held two Nindies Showcase events last year, one in February and one in August. Today, they demonstrated another one is going to be coming a week on March 20.

The announcement was made. The Spring 2018 Nindies Showcase will happen on March 20 at 12pm ET. This season lines up using GDC, so it is logical that Nintendo would want to highlight some forthcoming indie titles then. You can check out

Titles declared at previous Nindie Showcase events include SteamWorld Dig 2, Runner3, also Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, therefore these indie events certainly aren’t something to scoff at. Naturally, it is possible to expect DualShockers to cover the event in order to provide the latest information about the biggest upcoming Switch indies.

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