The Video Standards Council Rating Board has since issued a statement concerning the launch of the game in the UK by saying that “The game definitely encourages the sexualization of children via the sexual interaction between the game player and the female characters. The type of the game is such that it will draw in an audience below age 18. ” The board supposes there are characters who refer to themselves because “first-year” pupils and therefore are seen holding teddy bears.

On the other hand, the game will still launch in other European states when launch, excluding the aforementioned regions.

The Entire ban description can be read below:

This denial is relevant to physical merchandise just (disk, cartridge, etc.) Under the terms of the Video Recordings Act (1984), the VSC Rating Board is required to consider the probability of any game causing harm to the consumer and, subsequently, to broader society from the manner in the game deals together and defines images of criminal, violent or horrific behaviour, illegal drugs and individual sex. The grounds for this decision are as follows: – The likely harm being caused by a viewer or prospective audience, e.g. kids or young men and women.

The game is recorded in its surroundings in a “school” environment along with the majority of the characters are young women – one kid is known as being a ” year” pupil and can be seen holding a teddy bear. The game certainly promotes the sexualisation of children via the sexual interaction involving the game player as well as the female characters. The fashion of this game is such that it’s going to entice an audience below age 18.

There’s a serious danger that impressionable people, i.e. kids and young people viewing the game would resolve that the sexual action represented ordinary sexual behavior. There’s a constant subject of sexual innuendo and action during the game that indicates behavior inclined to normalise sexual action towards children. As a means of reward obtained by successfully playing the game, the player gets the means to sexually stimulate the female characters by using a hand held remote device or touch screen computer software.

The VSC Rating Board believes that this material in a game, that could have powerful appeal to non-adult players, is a problem that would be unacceptable to the majority of UK consumers and, even more importantly, has the potential to be considerably detrimental in terms of the social and moral development of younger people specifically.

It just so happens, that that wish involves making their breast grow larger. The game features various mini-games that are devoted to touching the girls, that is the major element in the boards’ disapproval. However, there is a decent amount of dungeon crawling action available with item customization and creation.

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