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Ever since   Star Wars Battlefront II hit store shelves, the game was mired in controversy, mostly on account of the fact that the game’s progression was completely based around loot crates. Ultimately, almost four months after programmer EA DICE turned off microtransactions, it’s unveiled its new plan the game, plus it seems like it is going to please most players.

Fist and foremost, anything which affects gameplay like Star Cards can only be obtained via gameplay, and may no more be located in loot boxes, that was among the primary complaints from fans. As you play, you’ll earn experience for every boat, course, and hero that you play as. Once you accumulate enough experience, you’ll develop a degree, as well as one Ability Point, which may be used on new Star Cards.

In addition to that, Loot Crates can no more be purchased with any type of currency, both real-world and in-game. With these changes, they can only be earned via everyday log-ins, challenges, and also other gameplay-based accomplishments.

In the end, shortly after these changes take effect, you’ll be able to directly purchase cosmetic items like new outfits such as heroes and troopers  via in-game credits and Crystal, the in-game currency that can be bought with real money.

Obviously, EA DICE also verified that players won’t lose any of the items which they’ve obtained since launch, so that you won’t even need to be concerned about beginning.

All of these modifications, aside from the new cosmetic products, will go into effect in just a few days, on March 21, 2018. The prior will likely go live sometime in early April.

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