If it comes to graphics cards, the PC community includes a slew of alternatives to pick from in terms of which producer to buy them from. Whether you buy them out of frontrunners AMD or NVIDIA or even decide to get a graphics card from ASUS Republic of Gamers, there are a slew of options to select from. However, the graphics card market is now becoming a fresh player, ASRock, also a PC portion manufacturer that specializes in motherboards, and industrial PCs.

These days, the Taiwanese-based firm  formally announced it’s entering the game by unveiling the Phantom Gaming display adapters, that are predicated on AMD’s Radeon RX 500 lineup of graphics processing units.   At this time, the Phantom Gambling cards will provide four different version options: The Radion RX 550 and RX 560 at 2GB or 4GB, along with the 8GB Radeon RX 570 along with RX 580. Every one of those four cards may comprise a DisplayPort (3x for those who buy the RX 570 or 58), HDMI, and DVI outputs. The manufacturer also guaranteed that its own line of cards would provide impressive overclocking capabilities. Basically, ASRock’s goal is to provide everything good.

ASRock also confirmed that its line of cards would deliver everything that makes the Radeon cards excellent.  

At present, ASRock has yet to unveil when these cards can be found, nor has a final MSRP been shown. However, if you are itching to have a look at additional info on the cards, such as what software is going to be featured for every, head to ASRock’s official site. Also, you can have a look at the announcement trailer in addition to a batch of screenshots for every one of the aforementioned   GPUs will be provided below.

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