First we learn about a new region known as the Ashlands  which can be home to a new breed of Aragami such as Anubis and Ra. Humanity in these parts has proceeded underground to shelters known as Ports in which they could endure hidden by the left handed surface.

Also, we get information on the new God Eaters met from the game, that are currently nearer to this Aragami compared to trailer God Eater titles, which makes them strong and deadlier in combat. This also makes them resistant to the mortal air of the Ashlands. One of those newest God Eaters is Hugo Pennywort, a person of activity and a significant leader. The game’s protagonist climbed up with Hugo so they consider each other brothers.

God Eater 3 will feature all-new God Arcs, such as the biting Edge God Arc, a dual-bladed weapon that focuses on quick slashes and stabbing attacks. In addition, we learn about the Ray Gun, which provides an extremely strong ranged assault if timed properly.

Additionally, we receive information about the Engage System and Accelerator Trigger. Is triggered when teammates stay close to each other during missions to help market close teamwork when hitting Aragami. The Accelerator Trigger is a new passive skill that is triggered with certain requirements like performing an ideal guard.

In case you missed it, then have a look at the first God Eater 3 gameplay movies published lately.

God Eater 3 is coming to PlayStation and PC-via Steam.

You can check out a few new screenshots Together with the English announcement preview below:

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