The details introduce returning characters, some of the players have struck  in previous names. You should only read further in the event you want the game’s story spoiled.

First off, Juna Crawfurd is revealed, she is energetic and has a solid sense of justice. Because of her character, she conveys the function of a leader in the “New Class VII”. Initially, Juna desired to be a police officer, however following some unlucky conditions, she has found herself enrolled in Thors Military Academy. Juna has small trust toward the Empire growing up but has set those atmosphere behind her after meeting other students of New Class VII.

Following the “curse” disperse throughout the Empire, Juna is confronted with a difficult truth.

Next, Kurt Vander who’s the second son of the Vandars and an expert   dual sword user. As a member of New Class VII, Kurt finds himself questioning Rean, but soon trusts his guidance   in tough conditions.

After the curse, Kurt wakes up in an unidentified village.

About to Altina Orion, a part of the Imperial Intelligence Agency and nicknamed “Dark Rabbit”. Altina entered the college under Professor Rean and ensured him and the other pupils, which made her reveal more about her inner emotions.

Following the curse, she attempted to sacrifice herself to protect her friends but lost somebody through the effort.

Next up, Musse Egret, an elegant and noble man who’s apart of the family of depend Egret. She moved to the II Brach of Thors Military Academy from Saint Astraia Girls’ Schoool. She is at the very top of her course and conveys some cryptic traits  about her.

Lastly, Ash Carbide is an arduous student who grew up in the slums. He registered in the II Brach of Thors Military Academy and joined New Class VII halfway through the word. Following the curse, Ash found himself arrested and his current whereabouts are still unknown.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV ~The End of Saga~ is coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan this Fall. These days, there’s not any western release announced for this title or its predecessor The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III.

You can check out the character profiles and original screenshots below:

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