Today Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe introduced a new preview of its forthcoming anime-inspired game Black Clover: Quartet Knights.

The trailer reveals a new gameplay style named Treasure Hunt. In this mode, a key randomly appears on the map and players have to receive it before their competitors.

Should you’re the first to find the secret your team will get 1 point. If you really discover the chest concealed in the level and open it using the key, then you’re honored with three factors. The first team which reaches five points wins the match.

You may check out the trailer below and see whether the new style is interesting for you.   If you would like to find out further, you can also enjoy a current trailer, more current 4K screenshotsthe very first complete trailer, and   the initial teaser.

The game will launch in both North America and Europe in 2018 for PS4 and PC. A company release date has not been announced just yet.

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