Indie developer Flight School released a new trailer for the upcoming virtual reality title   Island Time VR, which demonstrates various approaches you will perish in the name in addition to prepares one for the fatal experiences you will face.

As you could clearly guest, the list of contains several apparent ways players can die, such as eating a poisonous fish you caught and putting yourself on fire merely to mention a couple.

For those who do not know, Island Time VR  a more room-scale survival game produced by Texas-based studio Flight School. In Island Time VR, players have been placed on an island after rigid storms ruined your boat. Accompanied by Carl the Crab, players are tasked with staying living by crafting resources, fend off hostile animals, as well as catch and collect food to help keep yourself from starving to death.

Flight School also has verified this to help keep you on your feet, Island Time VR includes an event program, which doles out resources, so castaways need to carry out specific tasks ahead of offers are replenished.

You can see the hilarious new movie beneath this article. To find out more on the game, check out another trailer focusing on gameplay, or go over   to the game’s official website.  

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