PC, PS4, Xbox One

Released last month on consoles and PC, Kingdom Come: Deliverance attracted praise for its focus on detail towards history and lots of profound mechanics, and now a hefty new update was released for players in this historical RPG.

Developer Warhorse Studios has launched the new Easter Update 1.41 to get  Kingdom Come: Deliverance, with the upgrade itself including more than 200 bug fixes for particular quests and overall in-game systems and characteristics. Initially the upgrade was supposed to go live earlier on PC however a save bug made its way into the patch release, but also the 1.41 upgrade is currently available on PC and can arrive next week for consoles.

Alongside the bug fixes, the update itself additionally contains some new cosmetic options through new beard and hair options for players to utilize, which are available in the bathhouses. Likewise, the update also adds a brand new in-game Easter event where players go on a hunt for very literal “Easter eggs,” versus the way we generally know them in most other movie games.

Besides the update, Warhorse Studios also have introduced a free DLC pack for your game on PC that provides an HD feel and audio pack, allowing PC users the opportunity to experience higher fidelity audio and visual improvements. The audio itself is readily available for three of those game’s supported voiceover languages — English, German, and French.

For a closer look in the game’s Easter Update, you can check out the brand new trailer for the update below:

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