PS4, Xbox One

To start with, the collecting hub in Astera is going to soon be decorated for the occasion (however you’ll must be online to view it). Almost all occasion quests previously released and subsequently phased out will soon be accessible during the holiday season. Including the Street Fighter V and Horizon Zero Dawn challenge quests.

In the gallery, you can also view new armor sets that can be crafted with substances which can be only obtained through the quests. A brand new armor for your palico will also be craftable, costumes to the handler and poogie will complete the picture. New gestures and chat icons will also be executed, but those will be paid DLC.

Many amenities in Astera will find a boost, including sales that will make shopping more convenient. Login bonuses are also raised, with just two lucky vouchers daily, in addition to a blossom voucher, along with exceptional fireworks. A restricted set meal will be purchasable at the Canteen.

A fresh nine-star event pursuit will prompt seekers of hunter rank 50 or over to hunt   Deviljho in the Ancient Forest. A second seven-star event pursuit requiring hunter rank 13 or above will kick off the Mega Man crossover by prompting players to hunt two Odagaron from the arena.

You can have a look at the new schedule below.

You may have a look at several screenshots below, including the brand new armor, and also the new quests.

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