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Should you’re a fan of the   MotoGP series and you’ve been wondering why when you’ll be able to get your hands to the next entry in the series then wonder no more. Developer Milestone has declared just that, MotoGP18, and for the first time, the series will soon be hitting on Nintendo Switch.

While not much is known about the title, it was shown that the game will include articles from the real-life 2018 MotoGP season and that it will comprise “exclusive improved features” from its prior entries, even though what exactly those features have been disclosed.

“MotoGP™18is set to be a reboot of their flagship title, with the intent of offering the greatest and purest MotoGP™ experience to all lovers. This namemarks the coming of the series on the Unreal Engine, a jump forward concerning technological innovation, ensuring   incredible enhancements in the visual quality, realistic and striking lighting effects and  entirely reworked    physics: thanks to a   realistic physics simulation, the game faithfully reproduces each of the distinctive behaviour of the bicycles, thereby reducing the gap between fiction and reality, while still making it available and to casual gamers throughout the debut of  driving tutorials and aids. Additional information about the technological features will be unveiled shortly, but with these new advancements our goal is to offer our fans a immersive and realistic MotoGP™ expertise.”

To celebrate the announcement of this game, the programmers also introduced a brand-new trailer. You can take a look in the conclusion of the article.

The Nintendo Switch variant of the name will be released sometime after the console release, but an exact release date for the game wasn’t provided.

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