Now Atlus shared two new personality trailers for its upcoming   twin beat games Persona 5 Dancing Star Night  along with Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night.

The first is all about Haru Okumura from   Persona 5, while the second showcases youthful Ken Amada.

Probably, the most important question is if Haru will finally can sneak some hearts in this game, believing that she is doubtlessly the most famous among   Persona 5‘s heroines.

Whatever the instance, you can take a look at the trailers under, and enjoy Haru along with Ken’so moves. If you would like to see more regarding the game, you can have a look at some TV commercials from this dawn, along with  another recent trailer. You may even watch the previous videos of the identical character series, including  Morgana and Akihiko Sanada, two starring Mitsuru and Yusuke, along with yet another set showing   Futaba Sakura and Fuuka Yamagishi.

A western launch hasn’t yet been announced yet, at the moment of this writing.

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