Today Atlis shared two new TV advertisements regarding its forthcoming  twin beat games Persona 5 Dancing Star Night  along with  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night directly onto its Twitter account.

The clips are brief, since they follow the usual fifteen-second format that TV advertisements often possess in Japan, but they’re sufficient to reveal a number of our cherished heroes and heroines from   Persona 5 along with Persona 3 rocking to their hearts’ content.

You can have a look at the videos and see if they get you into the mood. If you want to find out more, then you can take a look at the latest trailer, and also a few more videps featuring   Morgana and Akihiko Sanada, two more starring Mitsuru and Yusuke, along with another pair revealing  Futaba Sakura and Fuuka Yamagishi.

The two  Persona 5 Dancing Star Night  along with  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night will release on Precisely the Same afternoon in Japan on May 24, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita. A western release hasn’t yet been announced yet, so we’ll need to stand-by and see whether Atlus USA can pick up this up any time soon or maybe not.

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