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Because it surfaced in 2012, Telltale Games’ acclaimed The Walking Dead series attracted players into the narrative of Clementine because she awakens and outlasts a post-apocalyptic planet, and now her narrative will probably come to its conclusion after this season.

Telltale Games provided a look at The Walking Dead: The Final Season with all the newly-revealed key artwork, which shows Clementine in a significantly older age compared to when she was only a young girl, along with (presumably) AJ, the young boy that participates in the series’ second year that she swore to protect. Notably, the artwork is also a spectacular callback into the key artwork from the very first time of The Walking Dead that revealed Lee and Clementine in a similar pose.

Besides the essential art show, Telltale also confirmed that The Final Season will debut later this year (as previously supported by the studio when the game was announced last year), while a first glance at the last chapter of this series will debut at the upcoming PAX East following weekend in Boston through a board on Friday, April 6 at 12:30pm ET (which is livestreamed for audiences in the home).

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will arrive after this year.

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