Barlog was asked on Twitter by a fan about whether he’d should upgrade into the PS4 Pro for the most out of   God of War. Barlog reacted with this:

In a followup  question, Barlog confirmed that this functionality mode will only be available on the PS4 Guru. He said in this same response:

“in the event that you run in 1080 on ace it will use the power normally utilized to render in 4k to make the game run faster. It looks/moves sooooooo nice. ”

That means that even if you own a PS4 Guru but maybe not a 4K TV, you’ll continue to be able to reap plenty of benefits as the game will run in a higher fps than what’s standard. It’s worth noting however that those that are obsessed with games hitting 60fps, it hasn’t been verified as of yet that this functionality mode will lock the game within that framerate. In actuality, as is typical with many other functionality modes, it’ll probably be near 60fps but will change if required.

God of War has been supposed to launch in just about three months on April 20. Before that moment, we’ll certainly receive more details on the gap between the way the game will run to the standard PS4 in comparison to that of their PS4 Pro. Until then, feel free to have a look at a recent trailer to the game showing off combat and another recent TV commercial to assist you until launch.

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