The most recent hotfix for Blizzard’so called MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, has been published fixing problems regarding certain personalities, constructions, and sounds.

Many of the fixes are related to Fenix, the newest Ranged Assassin enthusiast to be added to the game’s roster. Furthermore, Diablo and Hanzo also possess some tweaks. Listed below are the Complete hotfix notes from Blizzard’s website:

Bug Fixes


  • Structures: Fixed an issue in which specific Abilities can be employed to move Structures.
  • Diablo: Fixed a visual difficulty impacting Fenix’s walk cartoons after being hit by Overpower.
  • Fenix: Fixed a problem that may cause Fenix’s version to visually disjoint from his real position in-game.
  • Fenix: Issuing a motion command during Purification Salvo will no longer cancel Fenix’s firing animation for the duration of this Ability.
  • Fenix: Purification Salvo’s visual and sound effects will no longer continue to play if the Skill is cancelled due to its goal becoming invalid, such as if Gul’dan casts Demonic Circle into teleport beyond Purification Salvo’s range.
  • Fenix: Unconquered Nature’s icon in the Activated Talent hotbar is currently visually consistent with other passive Talents, and no longer looks activatable.
  • Hanzo: The Goal Practice Talent will properly grant 30% improved crossover Bow range upon finishing its very first quest requirement.


Because you may see, it isn’t a great deal but can hopefully make the game more enjoyable for people who are playing with.

Even the hotfix follows the patch that introduced earlier this week including the aforementioned StarCraft personality, equilibrium changes to pick personalities, a new concerted brawl called Deadman’s Stand, a slew of bug fixes, and much more.

In other current Blizzard news, the favorite developer has been celebrating the 20th anniversary of its own sci-fi real-time strategy franchise StarCraft all month with plenty of goodies from each one of its most recent titles. As of the writing, the anniversary flow is live on the official StarCraft Twitch channel.

Heroes of the Storm is now free-to-play and available today for PC.

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