Before   Prey was rebooted by Bethesda Softworks last calendar year, ” a sequel to the first 2006 release of Prey had been at the works. Regardless of being shown off a handful of times, news on Prey 2 eventually went quiet before being spilled in 2014.

For those eulogizing the game’so meticulous, fresh prototype footage of Prey 2 was recently leaked thanks to a Andrew Borman. Approximately one minute of footage has been delivered to Borman, that serves as the Digital Games Curator in the Museum of Play at New York. Borman stated that the video in question doesn’t have anything to do with his work and also said that he looks forward to having more to talk about later on.

The video mostly shows off combat that would have been showcased at Prey 2 along with a couple of  guns that players would have had   at their disposal. We also get some cool looks in the game’s setting that was going to occur onto a dystopian alien world. None of that is considerably different from what we had already seen of Prey 2 at earlier times however it’s cool nonetheless    simply because there’s likely not much footage of this game abandoned.

You’ll come across the first tweet from Borman below together with the footage of Prey 2 embedded.   Prey 2 is advised to never release and won’t be coming into any platforms because, you understand it’s canceled. Luckily, the current   Prey reboot could be getting some DLC from the upcoming if yells from programmer Arkane Studios is some indication.

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