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Sega shown earlier this month during the Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW that a brand new animated series, titled   Sonic Mania Adventures, will be arriving in the near future. Lately, episode one of this series was published.

Much like the intro out of  Sonic ManiaAdventures boasts exactly the exact same cartoon style in what’s scheduled  for a five-part series. The series includes no voice acting however it does feature many noteworthy musical tracks that Sonic fans are sure to comprehend.

Episode among  Sonic Mania Adventures finds Sonic returning to Angel Island after the events of the two  Sonic Mania along with the other Sonic release of 2017, Sonic Forces. It doesn’t take long for him to rush to the dastardly Eggman, who’s once more trying to kidnap the island’s animals. Sonic then springs into action to do what he does best and thwart Eggman, such as always.

You can find a part of Sonic Mania Adventures at the base of this article. As of now, a part two doesn’t have a release date but Sega asks fans to “stay tuned”.

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