PC, PS4, Xbox One

Yesterday, Sledgehammer Games and Activision published a whole lot of brand-new content for Call of Duty: WWII in the form of the two  The War Machine DLC and the Divisions Overhaul Update, and it fundamentally changed everything about the way the game plays and operates. Currently, 24 hours later, Sledgehammer Games has dealt with several smaller bugs which have been happening in the shape of a new Hot Fix, such as one that was fairly major.

First and foremost, after the first update went live Tuesday morning, lots of players began complaining that they weren’t being awarded XP when enjoying Gun Game along with Prop Hunt matches. This has been completely   fixed.

Along with that, bugs which were causing the “Recent” and “Trending” tabs not to look in the Emblem Gallery, as well as the “Patterns” tab to never appear in the Emblem Editor are solved.

In the end, a problem causing Lightmachine Gun ammo to not be refilled when using the bipod from the Firing Range has been repaired.

The Hot Fix should be implemented right now, and players shouldn’t even have to download anything in order for it to take effect.

Call of Duty: WWII is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

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