The manners are somewhat hidden as they can be seen from the camera settings menu, but you will see what they look like below.

“Favor resolution” renders the game at 2160p checkerboard, while “prefer performance” leaves the game at 1080p, sacrificing a bit of detail in favour of higher frame rate. To be precise, it seems to maintain a frame rate higher than 30 FPS, but maybe not very 60 in many areas. On a 1080p screens “Favor Resolution” enables supersampling to be able to demonstrate a greater level of detail.

That being said, if you’re learn about the observable tradeoff, we chose a number of screenshots from the game, aiming to showcase the difference. In each of the pair of screenshots under (shot on a 1080p display and saved in lossless PNG to preserve as much detail as you can) you can see “Favor functionality” original, also “Favor resolution” moment.

While the gap isn’t huge, it’s certainly noticeable in foliage, fur, Kratos’ blossom, the degree of detail on timber and stones, terrain, and more.

That being said, one thing is for certain: the game looks absolutely amazing in both manners. If you want high frame rate, you’re not sacrificing that much concerning visuals. This is surely a testament to this great level of detail that the excellent folks at Sony Santa Monica have pumped into the game.

If you would like to read more of what we consider the game, you may have a look at our inspection.

You’re in the time to pre-order the game, which releases April 20th exclusively on PS4. You can do so on Amazon.

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