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Before this season, Weappy Studio and THQ Nordic announced This is the Police 2, a sequel with their own 2016 adventure/management game. Today, This is the Police 2 acquired its first gameplay trailer, and it shows that fresh tactical turn-based strategy gameplay has been added to the good foundation the very first game based.

While the center management gameplay is mostly the same in This is the Police 2, when players choose more dangerous mission the game switches over to some turn-based style. First, Players might have to produce a squad of police officers to take whether they’re shining examples for your own police force or bums. Then, after players are about the assignment they’ll need to tactically restrain them into an turn-based system that evokes memories of XCOM.

That having been said, This is the Police 2 will try to spice up its typical turn-based strategy gameplay up by having a focus on non-lethal gameplay, since cops aren’t supposed to kill angels. As some cops can perish in a hit from a bullet these conflicts are poised to be quite tough also.

You may take a look at the new gameplay trailer under. The game’s publication, THQ Nordic, will be bypassing E3 this season; you can read more about this here If you want to pre-order the game, you can currently do this on Amazon.

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