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We recently discovered that Square Enix will add English voice acting to   Dragon Quest XI for PS4 and PC (and presumably to the Switch model coming down the lineup), but the statement was rather lean on what scenes could obtain the therapy.

We asked Producer Hokuto Okamoto during an interview at PAX East to shed light on the area of the person acting.

Okamoto-san explained that all of the cinematics, the combat scenes, in addition to cutscenes, will be uttered. On top of this, the game also has “party however just “a percentage” of these may have voice acting added.

On top of that, we understand that Square Enix has completed the recording of their voice track.

Okamoto-san then explained the reason why the Japanese version didn’t have voice acting is that the situation by Yuji Horii and the script of this game proved rather essential for the group, which is exactly why a lot of time went to enhancing their quality before the final minute. There was not any time left to capture the voices.

Such as the western variant, on the flip side that the script has been in high quality and finished, so supplying voice acting has been possible, but this wasn’t the only reason. The world of Dragon Quest XI is a continent that is amazing, and each area has its own flavor. It s potential to improve that taste farther, by adding voice acting. This creates additional depth and context for each area that the player will visit, which is the team actually wanted to include voice acting in the western edition.

The PS4 sort of the game can already be pre-ordered around Amazon. A Switch variant will also come down the line, but it is going to take a while. We also learned the game won’t involve any censorship.

[coverage: Jordan Boyd]

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