Splatoon 2 is well known for using a charming group of pop-idol hostesses in its own cast of characters–make it Marina and Pearl or returning favorites Callie and Marie. Two years ago, Callie and Marie were even pitted against each other at a Splatfest to the passing…or ’s my head canon, anyhow.

Irrespective of which squid-girl you believe is greatest squid-girl (or octopus-girl, if you’re into this), enthusiasts of Splatoon and also these pop-idol hostesses must emphasise: Nintendo has published a week-long record of Marina, Pearl, Callie and Marie performing live (kind of) at Polymanga 2018 for buffs who couldn’t be there. This is your opportunity to view  Splatoon 2 enter the glowing world of holograms and jam out to the dolcid tones of our inky siren buddies.

The concert features a live band and several tunes from Splatoon 2, such as Off the Twist and lots of songs from the game being performed with Pearl and Marina. Not to be outdone, Callie and Marie also make an appearance, singing some of their greatest and most recent hits . The finale ends with all four girls dancing and singing and its a revealing.

Splatoon 2 hosts lots of exciting events, which range from festivals such as them to Splatfests. You may check out our review of the game here and look ahead to the upcoming   Octo Expansion, or grab   the bottom game for Nintendo Switch through Amazon.

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