Following the statement made at Segafes at Akihabara, Tokyo, Sega showcased rather a bit of gameplay of its upcoming   twin rhythm games Persona 5 Dancing Star Night  along with  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night.

We get to find both crossover DLC in actions. The very first, to get  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night may comprise  a pair of DLC costumes inspired by the Virtua Fighter series. On the flip side, the second DLC to get  Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will include costumes inspired from the Yakuza series, and a distinctive Sonic ensemble for Morgana.

At the moment, we don’t understand if the costumes will be published, or how much they’ll cost, but you can already see both in action at the movie below, including Heartful Cry out of  Persona 3 and Hoshi to Bokura to (remixed from Tofubeats) from   Persona 5.  

If you want to see more, then you  can even watch a huge amount of gameplay revealed yesterday. Sega also recently showcased a series of character trailers, including  Morgana and Akihiko Sanada, two more starring Mitsuru and Yusuke, yet another pair revealing  Futaba Sakura and Fuuka Yamagishi, the fourth couple   with Haru Okumura and Ken Amada, and the   fifth with Caroline, Justine, along with Elizabeth.

The two  Persona 5 Dancing Star Night  along with  Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night will launch on Precisely the Same afternoon in Japan on May 24, 2018 for PS4 and PS Vita. A release has not yet been announced just yet.

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