Lately, Sony Interactive Entertainment recently published a new video in the leadup to God of War that provides a little more insight into the procedure for making the voice of Kratos.

Instead of focusing with this video on Kratos’ variant, we are introduced from another region into some voice actor. Ricardo Juarez is your voice of Kratos for the Brazilian model of God of War and he is featured in the movie to talk about his own process of expressing the character.

Juarez talks at the video about the Kratos we found in the past was at a state of rage awas seen screaming and yelling. In the newest  God of War he states that he needed to learn to balance this previous fury with the new, calmer tone which Kratos now has as a dad. It s subdued, though the anger is still there and Juarez wanted to make sure that came in his own performance.

You can find the video containing Juarez. Because I’m sure you already understand, God of War is at long last due out later this week on April 20, solely for PS4. Meanwhile, be sure to check our overview of this game to hold you till that time.

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