This past year, Capcom disclosed the six new characters that would make up Season 3 Character Pass of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and among these fighters is a new character called Falke. We heard that Falke will soon be hitting the game on April 24, and obtained a gameplay trailer which shows us her moves.

According to Capcom, Falke was first built as a replica of M. Bison, who people see that her sparing with in her gameplay trailer. After experimentation from Shadaloo, Falke can infuse Psycho power including her staff, into different things. She was eventually busted by Ed, therefore those characters finally have a more bond.

Harmony allows Falke to become a personality that is ranged, but also introduces an interesting use of Psycho Power. Players can keep it up by holding some of the punch buttons, and based on if Falke is standing, either in the atmosphere, or crouching once the button is released, Falke can perform one of three based strikes.

You are able to view a complete breakdown of her moves, which largely revolve around her staff, on Capcom’s website. When Falke releases April 24, she will charge $5.99, but may be got in game with 100,000 Fight Money. She’therefore poised to be a character that was distinctive, therefore Im excited to jump back in to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition next week to test her out to myself.

It is possible to check out Falke’s gameplay trailer below along with screenshots and GIFs of her. Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is currently available on PC and PS4. If you wish to select the game up for yourself, you can do so on Amazon.  

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