PC, PS4, Xbox One

Should you’re enthused about The Golf Club 2019 and you also’ve been dying to learn more about the upcoming golf simulator then you’re in luck. Writer HB Studios and Developer have showcased the game one of the Dev Chat movies, now highlighting that the game’s broad character customization choices.

The video shows off players can personalize their characters such as the addition of new facial animations, clothing options, height, weight options, facial hair alternatives options, hair colour choices, and much more.

1 goal mentioned in the video for this years entry has been the want to produce your character feel “more natural” and “much less rigid. ” You can have a look at the full five-minute movie from HB Studios, at the article’s end.

This season’s entrance in the series contains a brand new single-player campaign, new courses, new modes, and of course, new personalization  choices.

The Golf Club 2019 has been set to launch later this calendar year, however, an specific date hasn’t yet been announced. The game will soon be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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