PC, PS4, Xbox One

Epic Games have launched a picture that provides you a glance of what’s to come from the fourth season of the popular battle royale game, Fortnite.

In a post about the official Fortnite Twitter accounts — which can be viewed below — asks players to “leave your mark” and the next season will be coming soon. Accompanied by the phone call to action is an image of four Fortnite characters separated by what looks like comic styled panels. This may suggest Season 4’s theme but nothing has been officially revealed.

In addition, when you go to the game’s official site, the same picture appears with a different message that states, “Brace for Impact! ” Whether this is only a statement to get you pumped for Season 4 or even insinuating that something bigger is coming has not been confirmed.

Although there is absolutely no date Season 3 has been scheduled to visit a close on April 30. Seasons have begun after another but in this instance, that hasn’t been made clear just yet.

Fortnite is currently free-to-play and accessible for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and iOS.

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