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SEGA declared Sonic Mania Adventures, an animated short series based on the characters from Sonic Mania, back SXSW before releasing the series’ initial installment in the end of March. Now, on the previous day of April, they’ve released the next installment of this series.

This event is known as Sonic Mania Adventures: Part 2 – Sonic and Tails, and also the title implies it follows the escapades of the titular duo as they investigate tremors being caused by Dr. Eggman. Though there’s absolutely absolutely no dialog, humorous slapstick and expressive faces get the narrative that is simple across wonderfully.

If you’re more interested in the game this series relies on, then you’ll be delighted to hear Sonic Mania Plus recently got a launch date. This package will bring news modes and new playable characters into the game; its own improvement are also accessible as DLC for people who already own Sonic Mania.  

Sonic Mania is currently available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, also Nintendo Switch, together with Sonic Mania Plus hitting those same platforms around July 17. You can now pre-order it on Amazon.

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