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Stardew Valley became an indie sensation when it released in 2016 by giving players a beautiful and enchanting farming experience, and those looking to split the workload and construct the farm of their fantasies with friends can do this beginning now.

In a post on the game’s official website, the development team supporting  Stardew Valley declared that the game’s v1.3 beta is now available to PC players, that is bringing with it the most long-anticipated multiplayer mode for the title. Specifically, the beta is offered to players Steam, whereas GOG users will be able to access it over a few days.

As the multiplayer mode is still in beta, there are a couple of steps needed to actually set up and get the mode inside this game’s v1.3 upgrade. Primarily, in Steam you need to click on the game in your library, and then head tab at this pop-up window. Following that, it is possible to enter the password “jumpingjunimos” into click “ and then the Betas entrance boxCheck Code,” that will grant players access to the beta and its capabilities. That said the features are still in development, therefore while obtaining the beta other problems and bugs can pop up.

Once inside, players are going to have the ability to invite and play alongside around four other players to help build up farms, collect tools and much more, together with the participating players behaving as farmhands for your player’s farm that’s hosting the game.

For a closer look in multiplayer mode and more special instructions for accessing and playing with the multiplayer features or reporting issues, it is possible to take a look at the blog post out of Chucklefish for much more extensive details.

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