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Following a retailer list from Walmart gave a posting of Rage 2 possibly being to the horizon, speculation has run rampant this week which the name may be one of what Bethesda Softworks will unveil this year in E3 2018, and it appears the studio is getting ahead of the game somewhat and is planning to announce a   Rage followup very soon.

Bethesda Softworks has introduced a number of new teaser pictures on its Twitter page over the past day, with all the new images in query showing places around the globe highlighted in pink. Following an initial teaser yesterday showing the Big Ben Tower at London, the second reveals a rocket boat covered in pink using “5-14” piled on the side – which matches using the clock face in yesterday’s graphic that had a time of “5:14. ”

Likewise, the third picture highlights what resembles Sukiyabashi Crossing in Japan covered in highlights. In the end, the fourth (and probably most telling) picture shows a lineup for Anarchy Tours, with a very   Rage-appearing personality waiting in line impatiently.

While we don’t know for certain yet whether the game will actually be called   Rage 2 (or that the announcement may be something else completely), it does seem fairly possible that the 2011 post shot will be receiving a followup, and if the “5-14” marks out of the images really are any indication, it feels like people’ll get to watch the game in activity (and officially revealed) following week.

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