Nintendo was releasing Character Highlight trailers to hype up Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition as it approaches its Switch launch. So far we all’ve seen series regulars, old favorites, friends from the high seas, also interlopers from the Twilight, and today, we get a chance to go to some old friends and foes from   Skyward Sword and   A Link Between Worlds…plus one other very special guest.

That’s correct: this trailer takes us back into Skyloft and our experiences through primordial Hyrule, first highlighting everyone’s favourite annoying robot woman, Fi. She hops into framework with her poor comprehension of private arenas and dances throughout enemies before clipping them to bits as a giant Aegislash-esque sword. She’s followed by a fast cut to everyone’s favorite goddamn freak, Ghirahim, that sadly doesn’t flaunt his amazing tongue-licking intimidation skills (badly that was dreadful for Link). Rather, we get to watch his awesome repertoire of movements, such as some classic ground-stinger sword summoning and also calling up some minions to do his dirty work for him just like any fantastic villain should.

Then we hop on over to the world of A Link Between Worldsor, rather, we jump on over into the worlds. On our lineup of all-stars from that game is Ravio, who instantly showcases exactly what he’s all about by falling into the ground. Presumably, he afterwards moves and enjoys Link’s house while the protagonist is outside attempting to save the entire world. We get to test out Yuga (who’s a man by the way, didn’t realize that until quite a ways throughout the game), that uses his sorcery to produce a powerful blow.

Finally, we round our highlights up with a particular series routine…which’s appropriate, Ganondorf gets his time to shine in that which I end up being his best costume to date. With Triforce of Power hand (literally), he mops the floor by anybody who wants to challenge him. His moves incorporate sweeping strikes from his giant swords and summoning a goddamn Dormin-demon Stand to decimate his foolish foes.

And with that, it appears like we’ve ever seen our last Character Highlight trailer for Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. It’ll include  a roster of over 25 characters both old and new–many of these featured in the five trailers that Nintendo has released to hype up the game’s Switch incarnation. You may check out our review of both   Hyrule Warriors for the Wii-U  along with  Hyrule Warriors Legends  about the 3DS.

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