Today, during a panel  at Bitsummit held in the Miyako Messe venue in Kyoto, writer Nicalis and programmer Pikii presented their upcoming puzzle fighting game Crystal Crisis.

The gameplay showcased a fight between Atom from   Tetsuwan Atom and Curly Brace out of  Cave Story, providing us a great look at what the game looks and plays like.

Crystal Crisis is a color-matching puzzle game that includes characters from a number of indie games and also crosses them against popular characters by Tatsunoko Productions such as the above Atom and Black Jack.

The game definitely looks fantastic, just as you’d expect from a game of the genre, also anything with Dark Jack is good by my novel. It’ll be fascinating to see how it’ll shape up from here to its start later this year

You can check  the movie out below. If you would like to see more, you can also enjoy the first statement using a trailer and screenshots.

Crystal Crisis will release Nintendo Switch this autumn.

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