Today, during a panel in Bitsummit held in the Miyako Messe venue in Kyoto, Deadly Premonition Founder Hidetaka “SWERY65” Suehiro and Panzer Dragoon creator Yukio Futasugi Discussed the crowdfunding campaign of their Forthcoming game The Good Life.

Futasugi-san mentioned through a translator that the development team is eventually able to stand at the start line of the undertaking, and they’ll do their very best to make the game moving forward. On this particular game, he wished to see if it was possible to create an open world game with a little team, and in my own view, it’s very possible, even though we’ll have to determine how it goes in the long term.

He hopes to have something playable early next calendar year, by next BitSummit, even if it may not be the final product. He concluded by quoting Vegeta by Dragon Ball Z, and stating “Authentic hell is going to start. ”

If you want a glimpse of this game, you can take a look at the latest narrative trailer, alongside the demonstration footage that has been showcased at the beginning of the thriving Kickstarter effort.

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