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Back in 2016, Hanger 13 Published Mafia III on PC, PS4, along with Xbox One. Since that time, the studio was operating on an unannounced AAA title. Nowadays, the 2K subsidiary revealed a new Hanger 13 studio was opened in Brighton, UK to operate on that game and all their future endeavors.

This is the third largest Hanger 13 studio, since it joins creation teams in Novato, California and the Czech Republic. According to parent firm 2K, this new Brighton studio is led by Nick Baynes, a veteran game programmer who’s known in the united kingdom for his work at Black Rock Studios on names like Split/Second. Nick Baynes had the following to say about choosing this new function:

“The UK has some of the most talented game developers on the planet and that I couldn’t be more excited to work with Andy again to create a world class group at Brighton and help forge the future Hangar 13. If you are an experienced game developer seeking to join a passionate AAA studio, we wish to hear from you. ”

Meanwhile, the Hangar 13 International Studio Head Haden Blackman had the following to discuss expanding into the UK:

“We’re extremely excited to welcome Nick along with the Brighton team into our developing Hangar 13 family. The new office allows us to tap into the rich game development talent pool across the United Kingdom and Europe and can lead to better, more varied games which resonate with the widest possible audience. ”

You may now pick up Mafia III, the studio’s latest game, on Amazon. DualShockers will make certain to allow you to know when Hanger 13 and 2K formally announce this AAA title.

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