Adhering to the announcement of the Japanese release date of All Taiko Drum Master Nintendo Switch ~ Jon!   To get Nintendo’s hybrid console, Hori made an announcement of its own.

The accessory manufacturer will release a drum control for its Switch similar to the one released some time back for PS4, but it’ll be improved in sensitivity based on user feedback.

Two slots have also been added to allow you to slip two 500 ml bottles filled with water into the foundation to be able to weigh the controller down and enhance stability.

Up to 2 players may use two unique controllers in the same time, but obviously, they lack the sticks, motion sensors, the IR camera, HD Rumble, and some other goodies that aren’t required to play with Taiko Drum Master.

The control weighs approximately 860 g by itself and connects to the Switch through USB using a 2 meters-long cable.

It will cost ¥ 6,980 yen also taxation, and it’ll launch in Japan day and date using the game on July 19th. Much like for the game, there’s not any announcement of a western launch for now.

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