PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One

Developer Black Riddle Studios, creator of the coming third-person shooter Crazy Justice, has announced its own Streamer Program. This program will give select, participating Twitch and YouTube streamers that a “Streamer Bundle” which comprises a digital key for the game, also a t-shirt, along with other promotional goodies. The programmer released this information in a fresh YouTube movie where they also showed off new skydiving footage from the game.

Crazy Justice is one of the Newest games using a battle royale way looking to duke it out with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds along with Fortnite. This promise of a Switch variant helped the game launching a massively successful fundraising effort on Fig, where an overwhelming amount of backers chosen to receive the Switch variant of the game.

While it’s understandable to be afflicted by battle royale tiredness, the possibility of enjoying Crazy Justice on the Nintendo Switch is still enticing.   Although the game has no set launch date outside of Q2 2018, it’s accessible for pre-order on each platform from the programmer.

Check out the Streamer Program statement video below. Should you’re interested in applying for the application, you can send the developers your information here.

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