During Take-Two’s financial conference call for the financial year ended on March 31st, ” Chief Executive Officer Strauss Zelnick was asked to discuss the firm’s outlook in connection with a possible launch of a new PlayStation console from Sony at 2020.

Zelnick mentioned that while he doesn’t have any skill to comment on the programs of another company (in this case Sony Interactive Entertainment), he believes that Take-Two has navigated alterations in console cycles pretty nicely so far, plus they’re very proud of that.

Historically, during a transition period, the challenges can be very significant, but Take-Two has managed to get them around with its labels produce “that the highest quality properties that defy proper behaviour in console transition periods. ”

Zelnick remembers that throughout the transition between both PS3 and PS4 there has been a lot of sound in the market about the challenges for older games. On the other hand, Take-two wasn’t challenged in the least by this. Since the caliber of the catalog was so high, they did “ exceptionally well ”.

He continued by mentioning that having a “limited number of the maximum quality releases” and using games which tend to do well as catalogue names (IE: they sell well a while after discharge), transition intervals create less risk for Take-Two. Because of the simple fact that the games itself are very large quality, they could continue to perform as new platforms are released.

As an example, Grand Theft Auto V was designed for the former generation, and “it remains the standard bearer for this creation,” which   according to Zelnick is “outstanding” and something which the publisher is “grateful to Rockstar for and also incredibly pleased with. ”

Zelnick went on to say that in the event of the release of new platforms, the publisher will determine what to expect based on its views of potential achievement, but he also discovered the PC platform has come to be “a very, very important” part of what the firm does, driven by digital supply. That wasn’t the case for console titles ten years back, but it is the case now.

Zelnick concluded by describing the business isn’t platform-agnostic yet, but he believes that it’s going to occur in the future.

“Does that imply that the business is flattening out, what gets receptive, and we don’t care what is on the box? Not at least. I wouldn’t discount the possibility of generations. But it can get us closer to a stage where we really could be platform-agnostic as an industry. ”

If you’re interested in studying more about Take-Two’s fiscal performance, you can   also read the dedicated article.

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