PS4, Switch

Today Nippon Ichi Software Shown a Heap of new screenshots of its cinematic Terror Experience Closed Nightmare for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

We get to match three personalities, Jun Yagi, Eito Ginjiyou, along with also a mysterious masked madman who wanders the halls of the mansion with a bloody knife, ready to attack.

The game even has a “personality list” menu which allows the player consults data on the cast, that will evolve as the story progresses. Another menu lets you consult with the handwritten notes which you located in the home.

The mansion appears to some location where magical experiments are conducted, and the player will find traces of them all over the area. The place also appears to be infested by evil spirits.

Even though the protagonist lost her memories, at certain points she will observe flashbacks and fragments of her past. Another interesting element is that a recording from a car driven by Jun Yagi. It can include some clues.

You may have a look at the screenshots below. If you wish to find out more, you can also appreciate an older gallery  along with a trailer.

Closed Nightmare will launch in Japan for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on July 19th. No western release was announced for the moment.

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