Today Creative Assembly announced the new DLC Package coming to   Total War: Warhammer II, titled The Queen and the Crone.

In case you have any familiarity with all the Warhammer lore, you’ll likely know that this usually means that it’ll be more centered on the High Elven everqueen Alarielle, along with the Dark Elven crone Hellebron, leading respectively the Avelorn and Har Ganeth factions.

The DLC will be completely integrated with both Vortex along with Mortal Empires campaigns and also will bring fresh components, campaign mechanisms, and sixteen regiments of renown.

In addition to this paid DLC, we’re getting a free person with a third legendary lord, Alith Anar of all Nagarythe. Perhaps with his debut, ” I won’t need to sail all of the way from Bretonnia to conserve the pointy-ears anymore within my Mortal Empires campaigns.

And’s not all, as a free upgrade will even come bringing a lot of tweaks, along with the long-awaited assistance in Mortal Empires of this Norsca DLC for its first game, and of this free 30th Anniversary Regiments of Renown package.

All these goodies will be published on May 31st.

Should you’re thinking about this game, you may also take a look at the former growth, focusing on the Tomb Kings.

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