If you follow Hideo Kojima on Twitter, you’theres likely become accustomed to watching him conversation about that which he’s currently   eating or hearing more about his adoration to get  Mad Max: Fury Road. Recently though he’s been falling more tips about his most recent job  Death Stranding and just what fans might expect to see from it in E3.

Kojima has been speaking on the social media platform for the past couple of days about how he’s been in the practice of editing the latest trailer for Death Stranding  that he expects to exhibit at E3. He tweeted a few images of himself that afternoon when wearing a Joy Division t-shirt, working on the trailer.

A few hours afterwards, he tweeted about some problems he had been having cutting the trailer together. Among the pictures he included within this message proved to be a screenshot of his desktop computer where we can clearly observe an Adobe Premier file tagged “E3 2018 trailer”.

Assuming that trailer will really appear at E3, it’ll be the fourth movie for Death Stranding that we’ve seen thus far, with the most recent one appearing during The Game awards 2017.

It’s safe to suppose people’ll likely see this trailer during Sony’s showcase next month at E3 since the publishing giant has already verified that Death Stranding will have a presence during their series. As for actual gameplay, we still have yet to see anything but there’s a chance that that could eventually change during this function. We’ll just need to wait around for Sony’s conference next month to find out alongside everybody else.

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