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It’s safe to say that Agony hasn’t had a smooth trip through the depths of censorship hell. So as to be accepted by rating agencies, the first-person survival terror from Madmind Studios has needed to possess some scenes censored.

That being said, the programmer explains that lots of scenes that were intended to be included in a patch will now be part of the primary game. Censorship only involves several minutes from two different endings out of the accessible seven, and some scenes which might be unlocked after the close of the game.

The following content will be featured in the game:

  • Gore
  • Brutal Sex Scenes
  • Lesbian and Gay Sex Scenes
  • Genital Physics
  • Eye Gouging
  • Heart Plucking
  • Children Heads Exploding
  • Setting Fire to Martyrs and Demons
  • Intense Violence
  • Powerful Language
  • Medicines

The good thing is at the end of the announcement as we learn that Madmind Studios is going to be unable to push out a planned PC patch that was created to eliminate the censorship in Agony. This patch has been expected to arrive post-launch just for PC models, but it could get the studio to risk having the game prohibited, and them being sued.

The folks at Madmind Studios decided to be transparent, and they’re going to showcase the censored content onto a video coming on April 30th, allowing players see precisely what had been removed in order to find the game about the digital shelves.

If you’d like a rough idea about what the game is all like, it is possible to take a look at over five minutes of gameplay, running you via the horrible hallways of hell as well as the monsters that lurk there.

Agony will be available on the 29th of May 2018 for both Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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