The job seems to be heavily motivated by the Ace Combat series, where it shares the combination of a fictional setting with real-world aircraft and giant covert weapons, and the arcade-style flight combat battle.

The game is likely to come on PC (no additional platforms or related stretch goals are cited ) having an estimated release window in May 2019. VR headsets are also supported.

Below you can read a description directly

“Actual combat flight actions is the mantra, and we’ve made a game where you can experience it to the fullest at any given ability level. You may fly and battle against a number of adversaries that could go toe to toe despite the ideal player or simply take it easy and texture as a unstoppable killing machine.

The principles of aerial warfare will remain the same throughout the game: survival and excellence. Whether you’re an assault aircraft pilot, then skimming the floor with a gatling gun and rocket launchers attached to your wing, or an interceptor with extended variety, virtually sniper-like missiles available, it will be your responsibility to prove yourself as an Ace pilot.

Prove your worth: The game will probably encourage you to take a high risk, higher reward approach: the greater you fly, the better the reward, and therefore the more resources you have available to enlarge your battle abilities. Do you go then enemy SAM audience at the probability of being taken down, or perform it secure to minimize your possible losses? It might very well mean that the difference between moving into another assignment rolling using the latest tech, or flying with simply a wing and a prayer. Remember the mercenary’s credo: “Everything has a cost. ”

Aces are going to have higher payout than normal fighter jockeys, airships will yield greater than tanks, along with naval cruisers are far more enticing than patrol boats. ”

“At a world like our own, an multinational order called the Federation has held onto an important resource across the Pacific Ring of Fire: Geothermal Deposits.

Uncovered with a cataclysmic fracture in centuries past, it offers a valuable source to some that may claim and exploit itan abundant source of electricity, tapped straight from the heart of the planet.

Whether you struggle for the interest of battle or for something more, the war before you will be uphill, full of war concealed in that world for centuries full of conventional machinery of war and those powered with the very geothermal energy risen from under the mantle itself. ”

Another intriguing feature is the Conquest mode.

“In Conquest Mode, fight in an uphill battle against different bosses and genius squadrons from atactically-oriented territory capture game, drawing elements from roguelikes and RPGs. Players might have to make enough money to not only maintain and upgrade their own plane, but construct a mercenary military of the own so as to carry waves of increasingly tough resistance as they fight to undertake a multitude of changing assignments.

Modifiers and Parameters will also exist at the complete game to customize your expertise within Conquest style and add/reduce difficulty or present distinctive and unique modes to improve replayability of the game. “

A free flight mode will also be added for people who want to enjoy the maps from over without being taken at. Better news is that you can check out the game at this time, thanks into an extensive playable demonstration . Should you prefer seeing, a trailer can be appreciated under.

If you’re considering encouraging Project Wingman, you can do this at its official Kickstarter webpage .

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