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While it’s just been a couple of years since we last observed Bethesda’s famous post-apocalyptic globe using 2015’s Fallout 4, fans of the series’ wealthy world and striking FPS-RPG gameplay might have a statement soon, based on its programmer on social media.

Over on Twitter, Bethesda Game Studios has published a new teaser picture with the easy message into “Please Stand Up,” though those familiar with the series (like myself) can note that the tease certainly seems tied into the franchise in some way, since the studio failed earlier with the statement of Fallout 4.

At the moment, what that statement precisely is is anyone’s guess, whether that’s a new installment of the Fallout series or (what I think is more likely) a remaster of either Fallout 3 or even New Vegas, particularly since the third game reaches its 10th anniversary later this year.

But, E3 2018 is just under a couple of months off, so obviously it looks like Bethesda may be preparing for a sort of reveal in the very near future, if that’s in the lead-up to E3 or at the expo itself.

For the time being , we’ll just have to wait and find out exactly what Bethesda Game Studios has in store using its upcoming Fallout statement, but that I ’m excited regardless that the studio has something up its sleeve for the series.

UPDATE: Bethesda’s official Twitch station has gone live with an uncontrollable stream as well that appears to coincide with the upcoming announcement.

Watch live video in Bethesda on www.twitch.tv

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