Today Bandai Namco Entertainment declared the western release date of its upcoming anime-inspired game Black Clover: Quartet Knights.

The game will launch in the west on September 14th for PS4 and PC, which will be only 1 day after the Japanese launch (apparently, that has come to be a welcome pattern for Bandai Namco). In addition, we get additional information about the story mode, which will demand captain Yami Sukehiro suddenly going back for a teen whilst shedding his memory, maybe connected to a woman named Karna.

Together with the statement, we now got a full trailer featuring the story and a few glimpses of gameplay, that will be based around third-person shooter mechanics for magic battles, in a rather interesting mix that hasn’t been achieved that much.

You are able to check out that below. If you want to see further, you may also delight in a current trailer revealing Yuno, a different character trailer containing the protagonist Asta, also a batch of recent 4K screenshotsthe very first full trailer, also the first teaser.

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