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Since Call of Duty: WWII premiered last year, the game has received a brand-new event each month or so, however when it does, they usually tease it a few days beforehand from your official announcement. These days, however, developer Sledgehammer Games and author Activision took everyone by surprise when they announced the Attack of the Undead in-game event.

In terms of content, the event seems to be the largest one yet. Seven new weapons have been added, such as the Nambu Type 2 submachine gun, the Stinger light machine gun, and the Lever Action and PTRS-41 sniper rifles, in addition to the Fire Ax and Sword (which is curiously known as the Claymore) melee weapons.

In addition to that, the event brings three distinct game styles to the name, which includes Infected, Hordepoint (a variation on Hardpoint), along with Relic of the Undead. A brand-new map called Groesten Haus, that’s among the game’s Zombies maps.

To observe the announcement and release of the brand-new event, the programmers have released a brand new trailer, which you can, such as always, look at at the end of the report.

Call of Duty: WWII premiered annually and can be found on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. If you would like to pick up the game Amazon, you can do so by clicking .

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