PC, Switch

On Friday, 13AM Games shared a trailer announcing their retro-style arcade game Pirate Pop Plus would probably be making its way onto Nintendo Switch Thursday.

Back in Pirate Pop Plus, you’ll combine Pete Jr. on his quest to conquer the treacherous Bubble Pirate that has immobilized the innocent local townspeople to bubbles. Together with your anchor, pop and you ll have to dodge the bubbles to save the day.

Should you’feel confident in your piratey-ness, you can try playing Hyper Mode for double the risk and reward. The coins which you make are used in the game’s shop, and you can customize your in-game pocket cover with new faceplates, buttons, along with backlights as noticed in the preview. You will also have the ability to unlock new characters to play like Shynut along with Dave.

You can check out the trailer below to get some bubble popping action, also you’ll be able to read DualShocker’s review of this game on Wii U.

Pirate Pop Plus is going to be available May 31st on Nintendo Switch, and should you purchase the game before June 13th in the Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive a 20% release discount.

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