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Surprisingly, its sounds like a new Intellivision console is forthcoming shortly. Intellivision Entertainment announced today that they will be releasing a brand new video game console centered on “easy, cheap, family members, and enjoyable ” in the future.

That being said, details about the console, including its title, are currently scarce, although Intellivision Entertainment is promising to reveal additional information about October 1. Currently, we do know that its growth has been spearheaded by Tommy Tallarico, Creator of all Video Games Live and the current President of Intellivision Entertainment.

He had the following to say concerning exactly what the Intellivision brand signifies to him and what his hopes are to this brand console:

“I grew up playing Intellivision together with my parents and younger brother.  It was always my preferred system since the games were cutting edge, however fun and easy to play our entire family could enjoy them jointly.  I find those critical elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the present modern consoles.  Our goal is to change that by focusing on attracting all age groups and levels of gamers and non-gamers together while introducing new generations of individuals to the legacy success of their Intellivision brand. ”

Some folks who worked around the original Intellivision, that was published by Mattel Electronics all of the way back in 1979, are also working on this new console.

Tommy Tallarico show a little more regarding the console in an interview using VentureBeat, stating that the console “won’t attempt to compete with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo” and that the console will be still “not trying to do 3D”. Games will be downloaded via wifi, and can be kept in an internal SD memory cardgame.

This is certainly an intriguing move on Intellivision Entertainment’s component, also DualShockers will make certain to allow you to know when more information about this mysterious upcoming console are shown.

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