And Pokémon: Let’s Move, Eevee!  To get Nintendo Switch. These games are all compatible with Pokémon Go, along with a “Particular Pokémon” which will become accessible Pokémon Proceed when these names are attached was teased at the Conclusion of the announcement trailer

Shortly after the game’s revealthe Official Pokémon Twitter account affirmed that this Pokémon will be a brand new, never-before-seen one:

While no more details about this Pokémon have been disclosed, it could be connected to the new mainline RPGs coming to Nintendo Switch next year. The franchise has shrunk Pokémon from prospective generations before. Both Ho-Oh and Togepi are a few of the earliest illustrations, since they appeared in the anime before Pokémon Gold and Silver were also declared.

As an enthusiastic fan of this series, I am defintely looking forward to figuring out what this brand new Pokémon is, espeically if it is teasing a future mainline name. In the meantime, I can play Pokémon Quest, a new free-to-play name that’s currently on Nintendo Switch.

Check out the part of this reveal preview which teases this new Pokémon below. The two  Pokémon Permit ’s Proceed, Pikachu! And Pokémon: Let’s go, Eevee! Can currently be pre-ordered on Amazon, and will be available for Nintendo Swtich on November 16.

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